Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy and vision is to be our customers' preferred full-service provider of innovative and effective security services.

Focused full-service provider

We strive to differentiate ourselves within our focus areas in the security industry, and to maintain and sharpen our competitive edge, while meeting our customers’ needs.

Adana Security offers full-service solutions in five core-focus sectors:  Man Guarding, Key Holding, Mobile Patrols, Alarm Response and Electronic Security. Our core technologies and services focus specifically on monitored rapid deployment wireless alarm systems.

We supply complete security solutions including service, operation and maintenance within our focus sectors. Products and technology are not regarded as the end, but the means by which we supply full-service solutions to our customers.

Strategic Building Blocks

Adana's strategy is built around three interlinking themes:
Customer intimacy
Product leadership
Operational excellence

Our strategic themes will support us as we extend our scope and footprint within our operational areas.

Customer Intimacy

Adana Security works to build close, long-term relationships with our customers. Through these relationships, we become experts at understanding our customers’ businesses and build solutions to match their needs. We are evolving toward even greater focus on our customers. As we learn about their businesses, we build intelligence that pinpoints technology preferences, work models and business processes. Relationships will be sharpened by consistent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other tools to enhance intimacy.

Product Leadership

Our ambitious research and development work is the platform from which we build products and solutions for our customers. It is through close customer relationships that we fuel and direct our product development work. Our product strategy focuses on:

Combining our core competencies into service offerings or technologies that will strengthen our close customer relationships.

Offering full-service solutions to cover more of the product life-cycle. Because we aim to be the One Source, our product leadership will include complete solutions, services, operation and maintenance.

Our primary technology value proposition is based on the total cost of ownership being less expensive than the competition’s and more sustainable, cleaner and eco-efficient. Our goal is to lead the market by creating partnerships with key customers, meeting their needs as a One Source supplier who bundles and combines offerings and supplies, integrated products, and capabilities based on our core competencies.

Operational Excellence

Continuous improvement is our guiding light in the way we execute orders and build our business operations.

We will ensure that our customers experience what we have promised when it comes to project delivery. Our products and services will be delivered on time, on budget, and will meet quality standards.

To ensure the quality of execution, we will develop and maintain strategic supplier relationships to obtain consistent high-quality, reliable delivery and competitive pricing for all products while also protecting our intellectual property.

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