Spring 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the Adana Security Spring 2019 Newsletter bringing you up to date with all the latest events and relevant industry updates.

We've spent the last year refurbishing our Head Office at Ash Tree House in Daventry, and are ready for the launch of our state-of-the-art Control Room and Security Training Academy. The development will enhance our Lone Worker processes and allow us to further develop our workforce training and qualifications. We'll be delivering courses such as First Aid, Fire Marshalling and Health and Safety to add to your skill set.

To further develop the Adana Security footprint in the local area, we have employed a new Business Development Manager, Sally Harrison. More new additions to the Adana team, both with extensive industry experience, are Dillon Weller, Compliance and Training Manager and Stewart Smith, Operations Manager.

Sales in both Manned Guarding and Key Holding have begun well in the new year with the award of 3 Manned Guarding sites, 6 Key Holding sites plus a Security Contract for Warwickshire County Council.

Without our staff and the fantastic service you provide, we would not have achieved any of the above, so a big thank you from all of us here at Adana Security for all of the hard work.

Employee of the Month

Employee of the month is awarded to FAZIL BALLON who discovered two Illegal immigrants hiding in an international trailer while conducting his patrol duties at a transport depot.

SIA News

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) have made several changes to their licencing process. Download a PDF 'Get Licensed' from the SIA website which highlights the changes and what is required of you to apply for your SIA License or if your license is suspended for any reason.

For those wishing to enter the industry please look at the SIA website training section, which will point you in the right direction to gain your license.

Contract updates

- Adana has won a tender for Warwickshire County Council to provide security at 6 of their office locations within the Midlands, providing Mobile Patrols, Lockups, Manned Guarding and Emergency Response. The contract starts on the 1st of May for a period of 12 months.

- The Bennie Group have awarded Adana a Key Holding contract for Wroxton Quarry to respond to intruders entering the site out of hours and weekends.

- Multi-Color Labels in Daventry award Adana Manned Guarding services after a break in at their office on Sopwith Way, Daventry.

Security in Technology - remote CCTV management

wireless electronic security

With the rapid growth in security based technology, more cost-effective options are available to secure your staff and premises.

According to recent reports, conviction rates from crime caught on CCTV is as low as 3% - even with useable footage, it's very difficult for the police to obtain a conviction.

A simple conversion can make it possible for your CCTV to be monitored by our control centre around the clock. Then instead of pursuing action after an incident has occurred, there is the potential for detection in real time. This gives us the opportunity to identify incidences of crime and other dangers to your business and respond rapidly, dispatching patrols, contacting key holders, and informing the emergency services when needed.

Adana Security also have various wireless electronic solutions on offer to enhance the security of your empty property or construction site.

To find out more about our electronic security services click here, call Adana Security on 01788 551333, email at enquiries@adana-security.co.uk or click here to use our contact form.

Alpha Training

alpha training logo

Adana are pleased to announce that our Security Training Academy is now fully refurbished and awaiting accreditation. This will mean that within the next few weeks there will be additional training qualifications available to you all. Keep an eye on your emails and texts for updates.

Lone Worker Systems

Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of their employees and the health and safety of those affected by the work, e.g. visitors, such as contractors and self-employed people who employers may engage. These responsibilities can not be transferred to people who work alone. It is the employer's duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risk where necessary. Employees have responsibilities to take reasonable of themselves and other people affected by their work, and to co=operate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations.

Remember, we all have a duty of care.