Personnel Development

Before any potential security officer is given the opportunity to take an Adana Security induction course, they must successfully pass two interviews.

First, Adana Security human resources staff identify key qualities in potential security officers, to ensure time and resources aren't wasted on those applicants who don't meet our required entry standards.

Background checks

Once the potential security officer has successfully passed their second interview, our human resources staff conduct a thorough background check over the past five years or since leaving compulsory education. We search for any previous criminal convictions, and look at the applicant's work history, their national insurance contributions from employers, along with their personal financial history. These rigorous checks ensure every potential security officer is totally suitable to work for us and, most importantly, with our clients.

VRQ Examination

After suitability for employment has been established, each applicant must then achieve a Level 2 pass of 'Knowledge for the Professional Security Officer' VRQ.

This examination ensures a higher standard of knowledge has been achieved in the following key areas:

Duties and responsibilities of a professional security officer

Health and Safety in the workplace

Communication with others
Dealing with emergencies
Controlling and monitoring access to premises and property

Maintaining the security of premises and property

Carrying out security searches

Apprehension and detention of suspects
Developing and maintaining positive working relationships with customers

Career development

We believe in and encourage personnel development. For those Security Officers who excel in their positions and want to advance their careers, Adana Security offer further Vocational NVQ training to complement their existing set of security and customer service skills.

Adana Security encourage employees to use the SIA e-learning portal to refresh their knowledge of the relevant industry Codes of Practice. The portal can be accessed via the following link:

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