Electronic Security

electronic security
Designed for temporary buildings, vacant buildings, construction sites, scaffolding and remote sites, our Electronic Security systems provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for securing and monitoring external areas.

Standalone, wireless and GSM detection devices
Temporary or long-term electronic security solutions
Quickly and easily installed with proven, reliable performance
Sensors can be used to trigger CCTV, lighting or other warning systems
Activations monitored round the clock

From a standalone PIR detector to a complex Wireless CCTV Security System with remote monitoring, Adana Electronic Security can deliver the goods.

How does Adana Electronic Security work?

Using strategically located advanced PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensors, the body heat and movement of an intruder can be detected. Once activated, the unit will send a signal to the control panel, which in turn sends a signal via 4G or GSM to the Adana Security 24-hour control centre.

Likewise, using PIR activated wireless CCTV units, a short video clip will be immediately transmitted to our control centre and / or a smart mobile device.

The Adana Security 24-hour control centre will then take appropriate action. This will involve contacting the local police, our Response team and Key Holder. The video clip also provides vital evidence for use in prosecutions.

To find out more about our Electronic Security services, call Adana Security on 01788 551333, email at operations@adana-group.com or click here to use our contact form.